Individual Therapy

“The good life is a process,

not a state of being.

It is a direction,

not a destination.”

~Carl Rogers

You’re caring, smart, and motivated. You can usually handle anything that comes your way.

Lately though, things feel harder than usual.

Life isn’t as clear as it usually is. You could use some help figuring out the next steps in your career, your relationships, and knowing what matters to you.

Therapy with me can provide the needed time to share your story and unique struggles in a supportive, judgment free space.

Many clients come in overwhelmed by their anxiety and/or depression . They desperately want tools and strategies to relieve or get rid of the symptoms that make daily life so hard.

Therapy with me WILL teach you tools and strategies to relieve the anxiety and depression. And we’ll go deeper. 

Depression and anxiety show up in our lives for a reason. There is valuable information in getting familiar and understanding how and why they’re showing up.

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