Brainspotting Therapy In PA, NJ, and DE

Brainspotting Therapy  in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

You’ve been in talk therapy for months or years. 

You have great insight now…but there’s something deeper that hasn’t been accessed. You can feel it in your body when you’re triggered. 

Picture of a brain model cut in half with a white neuron next to it. Brainspotting Therapy is an effective treatment for many mental health concerns. Brainspotting therapy can access the deeper parts of the brain to resolve trauma held in the body. Reach out to an Brainspotting Therapist in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware today.

What is Brainspotting Therapy?

Brainspotting is another brain/body based tool that we offer here at Prosper Counseling LLC. Like EMDR, Brainspotting accesses the brain’s innate healing power.

Brainspotting was discovered by Dr. David Grand, PhD in 2003 during an EMDR session with one of his clients. As he was moving his fingers across his client’s visual field, he noticed a “wobble” in one particular spot every time, so he asked the client to just focus on that one spot. The “wobble” was a reflexive indicator of a brainspot, an access point to disturbing material that needed processing. 

Brainspotting Motto: Where you look affects how you feel.

One of Brainspotting’s motto is “Where you look affects how you feel”. If something is bothering you, the feeling of it will change based on if you look to the right, straight ahead, or to the left. Try it now and see if you can notice any subtle or obvious shifts. 

Our eyes connect to the deeper parts of our brain, the part of the brain that communicates through sensation, image, and emotion. The client is guided to hone in on a brainspot where the issue being worked on feels most alive or activated. Once the brainspot is located, the client is invited to focus on that spot and as they stay there, we are inviting deep processing of the issue with the attuned presence of the therapist. 


A close up picture of a pair of brown eyes. Brainspotting therapy in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware can resolve distressing memories and trauma held in the body

How Does Brainspotting Therapy Work?

During Brainspotting, the therapist will often use a pointer in guiding the client to find the brainspot. Biolateral music is also frequently used during the processing.

The client is invited to talk as much or as little as they would like while they are focusing and processing on the brainspot. However, the therapist won’t be talking as much because that can often pull the client out of the deeper brain processing and put them back into their prefrontal cortex, the thinking brain that communicates in language.

Brainspotting therapists don’t engage less, they engage differently. 


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