Online Therapy In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

Online Therapy or “Telehealth” in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

You’re a busy person – there’s work, cleaning, cooking, caring for children, providing for parents, and trying to maintain friendships.

For so long now you’ve been setting your needs aside, imagining that more space will open up later.

You’re starting to realize that no one else is going to prioritize your well-being and health. You need to make space for yourself to think, feel, and process life without having to edit yourself. If this describes you, online therapy could be the right next step.

Asian woman frustrated, sitting at her computer during an online counseling session. EMDR online therapy can help process those feelings of anxiety ad depression. Take control of your life with EMDR online therapy. Learn more here.

The Benefits of Online Therapy in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

If you feel like a hamster running on a wheel, you need support that is convenient and accessible. At Prosper Counseling LLC, we know that prioritizing yourself isn’t easy, and you need the process to be simple and clear. Our therapists offer online therapy or “telehealth” to meet that need for ease and accessibility.

Online counseling can be done from any room in your house. You can even do sessions in a car if that’s the only private place available to you. All you need is access to the internet and a phone, computer, or tablet. For some people, being in their own home provides a sense of safety and comfort not available to them in a therapist’s office.

Many clients find the time they save by meeting a therapist online is a huge plus for them as well. They don’t have to get dressed and ready, drive back and forth to the office, and park, as they would for an in-person appointment. People with limited mobility or a lack of access in rural areas of the state can get the specialized trauma treatment that they’ve been looking for.

Online Counseling is Effective

Research has shown that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. Clients and therapists alike were forced to test this finding during the recent Coronavirus pandemic. Prior to COVID-19, online therapy services were once considered optional and rare. 

After March 2020, online therapy services suddenly became the only way therapists and clients could continue to safely meet. Online therapy clients continue to meet their goals, feel supported, and process trauma through online counseling. It is not only convenient but also critical to be able to provide consistent, ongoing care.

Young woman sitting on her bed taking notes during an online therapy session. EMDR therapy online in Pennslyvania can help you overcome past trauma and the related symptoms. Learn more here.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

At Prosper Counseling LLC, we provide high-quality online counseling through a confidential, HIPAA compliant secure video conferencing service integrated into our Electronic Health Record (EHR), SimplePractice. SimplePractice makes filling out paperwork, connecting to virtual appointments, and paying for sessions easy and secure. We make sure our clients get reminders for appointments They know how to log on. And we send tips and suggestions for what they might want before and during their online sessions. 

Our Specialties for Online Therapy in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware:

We provide online counseling for adults who are anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. Our in-office services are available for adults who live in or near Philadelphia, PA, and are looking for EMDR intensives. We specialize in trauma therapy online throughout the state of Pennsylvania:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

EMDR Intensives

Online EMDR Therapy in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

Clients and EMDR therapists agree that EMDR therapy can be done online and it works! Despite some initial concerns and reluctance, most EMDR therapists are now providing high-quality, effective EMDR online. Prosper Counseling LLC pivoted to online EMDR therapy when it became clear that the quarantine was going to last longer than initially thought.

We sat in on training and consulted with other EMDR therapists and we’re proud to say that our EMDR therapy online is well practiced and effective. Our virtual clients are experiencing the same peace and freedom that comes from clearing trauma as our in-person clients. EMDR therapy works!

Online EMDR Intensives

For clients who are looking for faster relief, EMDR intensives can be a great option with us if you are an adult and live in the state of Pennsylvania. We offer EMDR intensives online or in person. Online EMDR intensives can be 3-6 hours for one day or multiple days in one week or month.

We will work together to build a treatment plan and decide on the frequency of sessions together. This is a great option if you have an ongoing talk therapist that you love working with, but want to clear past trauma with a specialist.

Young women at a coffee bar drinking coffee, laughing and enjoying each other. Trauma, anxiety and depression go hand in hand. If you are struggling reach out to our online therapy in Pennsylvania for help.

Ready to Hear More About Online Therapy in PA, NJ and DE?

If you’re curious about how online therapy could work for you, contact us today for a free consult to see if we would be a good fit. Our therapists are licensed to practice anywhere in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We can provide online therapy for any adult who lives or works in those states.

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